Vol 5, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents

Influence of some industrial wastes as a heavy aggregate on durability of concrete upon utilization in the special constructions PDF
M Gharieb, H A El-Sayed, S A Abo-El-Enein, K Sakr, A H Ali, T M El-Sokkary 1-13
Amelioration of mechanical and rheological characteristics of a ceramic Slip by adding of bentonite PDF
L Hammadi, W Boudouaia, Y Belaid 14-21
The thermal properties of mortars modified by the effect of combining polymers and SCMs PDF
B Belbachir, A S Benosman, H Taïbi, M Mouli, Y Senhadji 22-31
Comparative study and optimization of the mechanical behavior of sandwich beams loaded in three point bending PDF
F Bourouis, F Mili 32-42
Experimentation of a novel composite phase change material for thermal comfort improvement and energy saving in buildings PDF
L Boussaba, S Makhlouf, A A Foufa 43-54
The impact of facade materials on the thermal comfort and energy efficiency of offices buildings PDF
M A Khadraoui, L Sriti, S Besbas 55-64
Effect of glass addition on the properties of cements (CEMI) PDF
H Morsli, R Chaid, L Molez, A Diouri 65-73
Impact of passive cooling techniques on the thermal behavior of residential buildings in hot and arid regions -An experimental study- PDF
W Athmani, L Sriti 74-85
Effects of adding sisal and glass fibers on the mechanical behaviour of concrete polymer PDF
N Benzannache, A Bezazi, H Bouchelaghem, M Boumaaza, F Scarpa, S Amziane 86-94
Numerical prediction and experimental validation of sound transmission loss for different acoustic materials PDF
S Kirti, S Mahavir, K Y Yudhister 95-101
Influence of silica fume on the dynamic properties of concrete PDF
M Benmammar, H S M E Boukli 102-109
Mechanical behavior and durability of latex modified mortars PDF
Y Benali, F Ghomari 110-126
Study of crushing of grains of limestone under the effect of cyclic loading with the fractal dimension PDF
A Bouzeboudja, B Melbouci, O Bouzeboudja 127-136
Modeling of the interface between the concrete and the fibers grid in concrete slab PDF
F Bouzeboudja, C Ali Ahmed 137-146
Fractal dimension of roughness: Influence of grain size and granular class PDF
H Bouzeboudja, B Melbouci, A Bouzeboudja 147-156
Experimental case study on the effect of the urban morphology on urban microclimate and outdoor thermal comfort PDF
S Sedira, S Mazouz 157-163
Study of Architectural Ceramics of the Qal'a of Bani Hammad PDF
A Brahmi, M Hamiane 164-173
Structural Characteristics of Composite Mortars and their Evolution with PET Substitution Level for Several Specimens’ Ages PDF
N Kazi Tani, A.S. Benosman, Y. Senhadji, H. Taïbi, M Mouli 174-184

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