Analysis of Static Bending of Plates FGM Using Refined High Order Shear Deformation Theory

S Merdaci, S Boutaleb, H Hellal, S Benyoucef



This work deals with the analysis of the mechanical bending behavior of a rectangular plate simply supported on four sides (FGM), subjected to transverse static loading. The high order theory is used in this work, The developed models are variably consistent, have a strong similarity with the classical plate theory in many aspects, do not require correction to the shear factor, and give rise to variations transverse shear stresses such as transverse shear parabolically varies across the shear thickness and satisfies surface conditions without stresses. Equilibrium equations are obtained by applying the principle of virtual works. The mathematical expressions of the arrow, the stresses are obtained using Navies approach to solve the system of equilibrium equations. The influence of mechanical loading and the change of the parameter of the material on mechanical behavior of the plate P-FGM are represented by a numerical example.

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