Amelioration of mechanical and rheological characteristics of a ceramic Slip by adding of bentonite

L Hammadi, W Boudouaia, Y Belaid



This work is a contribution to the amelioration of the mechanical and rheological properties of a slip of ceramic used in the ceramic fabrication process. A study of characterization of slip of ceramic modified by bentonite has been accomplished chemically, physically, mechanically and rheologically. Chemical analysis showed that the slip modified by bentonite consist essentially of silica with a ratio (SiO_2/Al_2 O_3) average equal to 3.5 and the ratio of clays (Al2O3/SiO2) is relatively stable with increasing percentage of bentonite in the slip, with an average 0.28. The mechanical and rheological tests showing that increasing the percentage of bentonite in base slip caused an increase in the mechanical resistance, the yield stress and rapid decrease in density of the slip.

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